covid 19 medical billing texas As the COVID-19 pandemic lingers, people continue to examine their options for protection. There has been a lot of research conducted since the start of the pandemic. UV light was a major consideration, with many people wondering if exposure to it from the sun would help keep them and their families safe. As research was done, certain wavelengths of UV light were found to be effective at destroying the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.


There are three types of UV light, including UVA, UVB, and UVC light. While sunlight emits all three, the type that reaches Earth is mainly UVA and UVB light; UVC light from the sun is blocked by the atmosphere. Unfortunately, it is UVC light that is most effective at destroying viruses. UVA and UVB light would cause significant skin damage to anyone exposed long enough for it to be helpful in the fight against COVID-19.


UVC light includes wavelengths that have the amount of energy that can quickly inactivate viruses and other microbes. Scientists developed UVC light sources and have studied the wavelengths; in 2020, they found the UVC light to quickly inactivate the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 in certain circumstances. Water, air, and some surfaces can be disinfected with UVC light. It’s important that UVC light does not shine on or near people because it is extremely intense; this high-intensity light can damage people’s eyes and skin in mere seconds.

Scientists are exploring specific wavelengths of UVC light that could be safe for people; but in the meantime, they are using it to sanitize spaces where people are most at risk.


covid 19 medical billing texas Special UVC lamps are used to sanitize the air and surfaces in spaces such as hospital wards and operating rooms and large vehicles like buses and ships. The lamps are positioned in the room at eight feet high or more and angled to shine horizontally or up towards the ceiling. Fans are utilized in concert with the UVC lamps to ensure that all the air in the room circulates such that it is exposed to the intense light emitted; this allows all the viruses and other germs in the air to be inactivated. UVC lamps can be used as part of a ventilation system as well, placed inside of air ducts to inactivate viruses in the air that moves throughout a building, from one room to another.


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