Choosing a medical billing company for the coding and billing process allows healthcare providers to focus on medical treatment. To take care of the non-medical obligations that your practice is facing, selecting a medical billing company is vital. medical billing companies aim to reduce the overhead of the practice. Finding a company capable of carrying out billing tasks has always been a challenge for providers. To choose the right company, you must ask the right questions. Here are three things to consider (aside from costs) when choosing a medical billing company for your medical practice.


#1 How experienced are the billers in your company?

Experience matters. Inquiring about the experience of a medical coding and billing company is important because a full-service professional medical billing company with experienced billers will have the highest total collections. This means you will realize greater revenue over time. Make sure that the company you choose to handle the billing at your practice employs coders and billers who are well-trained and experienced, so you have highly qualified and highly productive people on your team. A team like this is efficient, thorough, and less prone to error–all things that will positively impact your bottom line.


#2 Do you use current software and technology?

Knowing what revenue cycle management software your billing company uses is key because it allows the company and your practice to remain connected. This gives the coders direct access to patient data, insurance data, and clinical notes, so the workflow is streamlined. And by using an up-to-date system (e.g., cloud-based software), you can be automatically reminded of claims deadlines and denials that need to be addressed, have data backup and disaster recovery procedures in place for business continuity, and be in compliance with most to all HIPAA data storage regulations. An investment in the best medical billing technology will maximize your revenue cycles in an accurate, seamless, and efficient way.


#3 Can you guarantee transparency?

Transparency in your practice’s billing process is vital because it ensures proper claims processing and reimbursement. Many healthcare providers worry that outsourcing medical coding and billing services will mean they won’t be able to keep track of the money collected to pay their claims. The best medical billing companies understand this concern and will offer complete transparency, by using systems that allow providers to log on and see the details, from what claims are pending submission and claim denials to comprehensive performance reports and itemized bills. Claiming insurance reimbursements becomes a smoother process for everyone when there is transparency.

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