Quick Claimers has been proudly serving our physicians and healthcare community since 1999.


21 years ago, Barbara A. Davis opened up her business, Quick Claimers Medical Billing in El Paso, Texas. Her company offers a full service billing system for physician’s, consulting opportunities, and the ability to completely set up a physician practice. Her vocation is billing services and setting up physician practices, but her avocation is saving a practice and bringing it back to life. “I absolutely love that part of my job. Their practice might be in trouble due to billing issues, employee challenges, and overall mismanagement. Its not receiving the attention it needs or deserves and they need help” miss Davis adds. She states she wants the physicians to have her support in the office allowing them to dedicate themselves to their patients.

Quick Claimers staff works with the employees in those practices in order to guide them through processes, management direction, automation, and overall basic accounting principles which safeguard their assets by separation of duties. Working with the staff and educating them, in turn saves money for the physician and adds to the bottom line.

Quick Claimers Medical Billing has always gained a relationship with our clients and has established a reputation that keeps our business growing. With the help and direction from Melissa Vargas, Liz Romero, Kym Anderson, and our amazing team effort of employees, Quick Claimers still continues to thrive and grow.

Quick Claimers has always listened to the physician, learned their challenges, and for over 20 years has implemented solutions. We go the extra mile. We strive to build a relationship of implicit trust through transparency, ethics and accountability.


“Your success is how we measure ours.”

In Loving Memory

Barbara A. Davis, Founder

February 1955- December 2018

Her integrity, leadership, and commitment to clients and employees are the continuing success and growth of Quick Claimers Medical Billing.