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September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, also known as Suicide Awareness Month, a time for focused attention on preventing suicide in America. Because suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States with increased suicide rates in every state across the country over the past two decades, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, raising awareness and making concerted efforts towards suicide prevention is extremely important. This is especially true now, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues and adds to the public health crisis of suicide in the United States. ____________________________________________________________________________


“While suicide prevention is important to address year-round, Suicide Prevention Awareness Month provides a dedicated time to come together with collective passion and strength around a difficult topic. The truth is, we can all benefit from honest conversations about mental health conditions and suicide, because just one conversation can change a life.”


~ National Alliance on Mental Illness



Suicide is preventable. Everyone can help with suicide prevention efforts by raising awareness in our communities. To start, we can educate others about positively addressing mental health issues, as suicide is often the result of untreated mental health conditions; a key step towards suicide prevention is to call for increased access to mental health care. Sharing resources about where to find a therapist or support group and how to build a support network is another vital step. And collaborating for change with support organizations is very important, too–volunteer and/or donate to these groups to help prevent suicide.


Outside of raising awareness in your local community, you can take steps to help in a more personal way if you have personal interactions with someone who might be suicidal. You can help by listening to their thoughts and feelings and paying attention to signs that point towards suicide. Most suicidal people are struggling with considerable physical pain and/or mental suffering and just want it to stop; they focus on suicide as a way to end those feelings directly and immediately, often with little or no thought of the permanence of death outside of their suffering. Many people reach out for help before attempting suicide; you can help them by listening to them, knowing the warning signs, and then pointing out alternatives to suicide; and you can call on doctors and mental health professionals to help for the long term.




Confidential support is available from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at any time 24/7.

Call 1-800-273-8255 or visit

or text “HELLO” to 741741

to be connected to a Crisis Counselor for help.


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Written by: Erika Mehlhaff