Halloween is a favorite day for candy-loving folks from coast to coast! Kids and adults enjoy dressing in creative costumes and collecting sweet treats on this annual celebration. But maybe you have an interest in adding some healthy treats into your festivities this year, in an effort to decrease or at least balance your sugar intake. Luckily, there are a wide variety of ways to do this! Read on for ten snack ideas for a healthier Halloween!

  • FrankenToast

For this frightening FrankenToast, all you need is slices of your choice of healthy bread, mashed avocado, some sliced and diced black olives, and cherry tomato halves. Toast the bread and spread on the avocado; then use the olives for Frank’s hair and eyes and the tomato for his mouth! Quick…easy…healthy…delicious!

  • Ghostberries

The only ingredients needed for this treat are strawberries and sugar-free white chocolate! Melt the chocolate and dip the berries. Use a toothpick dipped in black food coloring to dot on eyes and mouths. When the chocolate has set up, these Ghostberries are ready to eat!

  • Pumpkin Pancakes

A healthy twist on regular pancakes, pumpkin pancakes taste almost like dessert! The easiest way to make these is to simply add pureed pumpkin to your favorite pancake recipe. Adjust the batter consistency by adding liquid—a good choice here is low-sugar apple cider. Whether you use canned or fresh pumpkin, these pancakes are sure to please! 

  • Pumpkin Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are high-protein snacks that you can make to resemble pumpkins. Follow your preferred deviled egg recipe; then sprinkle an extra dusting of paprika over the yolk mixture in each half. Place a snippet of chive or similar herb at the top of the yolk for a stem and…voila! You have a perfect pumpkin deviled egg!

  • Pizza Mummies

This Halloween treat is all about the cheese. Whip up some pizzas, making sure to strategically string cheese across the top. When the cheese melts, it will look like the wrappings of a mummy! Add eyes using pepperoni and olives. Pizza Mummies can be made as full-sized pizzas or as mini pizzas using English muffins.

  • Juice Box Mummies

Juice Box Mummies are easy to put together. Use white tape, ribbon, or paper (like streamers) to wrap around individual juice boxes. Then use a marker to draw on some eyes! Somehow, the creativity makes the juice just a little sweeter!

  • Spiders-on-a-Log

You can make this healthy treat in minutes. It is simply celery sticks spread with nut butter or spreadable cheese of your choice and decorated with “spiders” made from raisins or chopped olives. If you prefer, substitute tiny toy spiders for your toppings.

  • Ghoulish Grapes

Preparation is key when it comes to whipping up this tasty treat. Ghoulish Grapes requires green grapes, a marker, and a clear cup with a lid. To make your grapes ghoulish, place them in the cup, and close the lid. Then draw a monster face on the cup. Done. This is one healthy snack that can satisfy a sweet tooth easily!

  • Pumpkin Peppers

Looking for a dinner option for Halloween? Try Pumpkin Peppers! The only thing you need to do is use all orange bell peppers to make your favorite stuffed pepper recipe. Just use a knife to carve the peppers into miniature jack-o-lanterns for that little bit of Halloween magic!

  • Pumpkin Juice

Everyone likes a festive beverage on Halloween. Try this clever concoction created with just three ingredients. Mix carrot juice, orange juice, and ginger ale to taste. Pour over ice in a clear glass so you can enjoy the vibrant orange color while you sip!


Even candy aficionados need to stay healthy. Snacking on low-sugar treats is a great way to stay in balanced health. Here’s to a safe and healthy Halloween!

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Written by: Erika Mehlhaff