When it comes to medical coding and billing, every medical practice specialty requires a different approach because each has its own set of procedure-specific codes for the medical services that each provides. Neurologists consistently deal with a myriad of complex neurological conditions and diseases from lumbar puncture procedures to epilepsy treatment to management of chronic pain and several others. So, engaging the services of a neurology billing company is key to maintaining their medical efficiency and effectiveness and providing their patients with the care they deserve. Neurology medical billing is challenging—neurology is a complicated field with extremely specific, complex codes associated with each diagnostic service and treatment available. Neurology medical billing companies must focus on providing thorough, organized, accurate coding and billing services to avoid inadequate billing.

Medical coding and billing specialists work in the medical records billing departments of healthcare organizations or for private medical practices, including neurology. They assist in facilitating billing and reimbursement from health insurance companies for the provision of neurology services, by applying their extensive knowledge of neurology billing. All qualified medical coding and billing specialists, with the minimum of an associate’s degree plus an industry certification earned via a recognized medical coding and billing education program, act as the main contacts between neurologists’ medical practices and the various insurance companies of patients, in order to manage insurance claims and guarantee appropriate and complete reimbursement for care to the healthcare providers. Medical coding and billing experts have a thorough process for recording and coding the healthcare services provided, procedures completed, diagnoses made, and treatments prescribed for patients by neurologists; and then they prepare and send invoices or claims for payment to the applicable insurance companies. They track payments and follow up with patients and insurance companies about any debts or payments that are outstanding. Further, the coding and billing authorities of a neurology billing company correct any rejected claims, and resubmit those claims as required.

Medical coding and billing teams often work in offices of the healthcare facilities or private medical practices where patients receive their neurological treatment and care. While they do not participate directly in the neurologists’ clinical work with patients, medical coders do work with the physicians who make sure the care plans and drug prescriptions (if any) that they present to their patients are clear for the precise coding required for payment from insurance companies; and medical billers communicate with patients regarding overall costs and patient responsibility for any overages not covered by insurance. While a medical billing company might employ professionals, who are skilled in coding and billing for a wide range of healthcare fields, it often has several who specialize in specific areas of medicine including neurology. Having a medical billing company that specializes in neurological services is the best way to establish the most effective coding and billing processes for an individual practice.

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Written by: Erika Mehlhaff