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August is National Wellness Month! It is a 31-day celebration of health and wellness, during which the goal is to focus on self-care, including engagement in healthy routines and employment of stress management tools. People who want to observe National Wellness Month are challenged to establish healthy habits that promote holistic wellness. There are countless ways to make sure to prioritize your physical and mental health. Read on for five great ideas for putting your health and wellness front and center in your life.

  1. Exercise.

Exercise is probably one of the most obvious things to include in your life to prioritize health and wellness. But how, exactly, does it make a positive impact? There are several benefits that come from adding or increasing physical activity, from helping control weight and prevent or manage disease to boosting energy and improving mood and mental state.

  1. Hydrate.

Hydration is another key element for good health and wellness, and water is the best drink for it. Not only does drinking water help keep you energized to maximize your performance during physical activity, it is also essential for efficient brain function (e.g. memory, concentration, mood). Further, hydrating with water helps keep headaches at bay and maintain positive gut health. 

  1. Eat well.

Good nutrition is fundamental to maintaining wellness, too. In combination with consistent exercise and appropriate hydration, nutrition can help you maintain a healthy weight. But it also has been found to have other benefits, such as reducing the risk of developing chronic diseases. It is no wonder that eating well is noted constantly when promoting health and wellness.

  1. Get some sleep.

A good night’s sleep plays a critical role in health and wellness maintenance as well. Between impacts to brain function (like memory and learning), impacts to mental health and stress management, impacts to physical health (like metabolism), and impacts to the immune system, sleep is essential for restoring both body and mind.

  1. Slow down.

Slowing down is difficult for a lot of people in today’s extremely busy world, which is why there needs to be greater focus on changing the pace in our lives. Intentional relaxation is vital to health and wellness because it allows you to connect more deeply to yourself and decrease stress and overwhelming pressure. Whether you choose to journal, meditate, take a yoga class, or some other personally calming activity, this is a way to consciously downshift to manage our time in such a way that selfcare rises from bottom of the priority list.

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Article written by: Erika Mehlhaff