by Erika Mehlhaff

As the field of healthcare keeps pace with developing technology, many healthcare professionals are turning to medical coding and billing companies to handle the processing of billing claims. Medical coders transcribe the documentation for insurance companies using a specific set of codes, and medical billing specialists create a bill with itemized charges for the services rendered. This process is the bread and butter of healthcare providers’ business. Here are five reasons you need a medical coding and billing company.

  1. Save time.

Medical coding and billing takes a significant amount of time—from a few days to multiple months—as medical coders and billing specialists review and translate the clinical documentation that the healthcare provider adds to patient medical records and submit it to insurance companies for reimbursement.

  1. Increase efficiency.

Hiring a medical coding and billing company is a more efficient way to do business. These companies they know how to address the complex nature of medical coding and billing processes; they have built a team of professionals to keep up to date on changes within the insurance industry that affect claims reimbursement. Medical coding and billing professionals are leaders in their field who maintain well-organized reports and records. They understand how to streamline the coding and billing process to secure payment as quickly as possible.

  1. Reduce costs.

An increase in efficiency equals a decrease in costs. You’ve heard the saying that “time is money”? Hiring a medical billing company proves that to be true by reducing the overall cost of doing business. How? Simply put, it eliminates the need to provide extra training to front office staff members regarding coding and billing services; and it allows the dedicated medical coders and billing specialists to do the work more quickly and with greater accuracy. This means that billing errors are significantly reduced, and claims are submitted and paid on time to increase revenue over time.

  1. Improve patient satisfaction.

Professional medical coders and billing agents are essential for achieving higher patient satisfaction rates. Leaving the coding and billing tasks to the experts allows the healthcare providers and their front office staff to spend their time providing the excellent medical care and customer service their patients deserve.

  1. Strengthen security.

Another critical contribution from medical coders and billing experts is stronger security. When it comes to personally identifying information, medical records are prime targets for identity thieves. Though healthcare providers are ethically obligated and legally required to protect the privacy of their patients, keeping personal data confidential is difficult. But the best coders and billing agents stay abreast of HIPAA regulations, utilize robust data encryption tools (e.g. software with secure passwords), manage computer hardware and networks (e.g. SSL protocols and sub-networks for patient data that is not sensitive or private), and implement the strongest access control methods possible (e.g. authenticate identities of individuals and authorize them to access only the information required).

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