Medical billing and coding service providers are dedicated to helping healthcare providers to succeed and prosper by taking the load of the billing process off their shoulders, so providers can prioritize patient care. They offer the time-saving, revenue-boosting service of processing billing claims and ensuring payment collection in an efficient and effective way. Here are five ways medical billing companies streamline the medical claims billing process.

  1. Analyze and assess…often.

The first thing that professional medical billing service providers do is take stock of financial accounts. This important step involves routinely analyzing accounts by tracking data such as the number of days each claim is in accounts receivable and the percentage of net collections made. These kinds of statistics allow for an overall assessment of the process and can uncover areas where efficiency can be improved; and steps towards greater efficiency allow for collections to be made on time.

  1. Take advantage of resources.

There is a myriad of resources available to medical billing service providers and taking advantage of them can only benefit a client. These billing experts use various means to reduce the amount of time required for claims to be processed. They have access to online tools, tailored programs, and specialized software that can make a huge impact on billing effectiveness and efficiency.

  1. Use a patient portal.

Medical billing companies know that streamlining the claims billing process requires organized patient data. They understand the value of using a patient portal to that end—it is an easy way for medical billers to gather the information they need because patient portals are secure and centralized locations to store everything.

  1. Stay informed and up to date.

Professional medical billing service providers have a vested interest in staying informed and up to date on the ins and outs of complex insurance coverage. Understanding coverage fully is key to knowing what healthcare services are covered by insurers and whether the insurance company or the patient is responsible for payment.

BONUS: Engaging the services of a professional medical billing company allows the front office staff to increase their productivity and keep their customer service at the high level that patients deserve. This is because they are not left responsible for making collections calls to ask for payments on past-due accounts. Since this process can be frustrating and exhausting for front office staff, it is a great boon to them to leave that task with other professionals; it allows the staff  to stay motivated and to focus on their main task of office management and patient interaction.

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Written by: Erika Mehlhaff