If you’re a practice owner who is looking and hoping to attract new patients, it’s always important to ensure that your website is able to set the right tone. One recent survey revealed that more patients are actually basing their physician selection on conducting their own research on the internet rather than taking the time to go through any kind of referral system.

No matter what specific type of provider someone may be seeking, this same survey indicates that over half of patients are resorting to going online to conduct their own research on providers, with approximately 51% of those who choose to conduct this research ending up finding a provider that they prefer.

Even though practice websites are becoming more important in terms of attracting new patients, there are many practices who haven’t actually made them any kind of a priority. Because of this, practice growth starts to decline.

Here are four different ways in which your practice’s website can end up hurting your overall bottom line.

No Testimonials

The bottom line can end up having a negative impact if there are no patient testimonials on the website. The best way to remedy this is to take down the names of some of your patients who may be willing to share some information about how you have positively impacted their lives. From there, ask them to write down a short testimonial that you can then post on your website. Even better, if you are able to, record their testimonial on video.

Underdeveloped Website

Another factor that can negatively impact your bottom line is if your website is underdeveloped. Patients will easily be able to tell if the website itself hasn’t been given a great deal of attention, and if they do, they’ll see this as a sign that you don’t have the money to truly invest in it. As a result, you won’t truly have the ability to grow your practice as much as you should be able to. In the event that your website itself is outdated or needs to be refreshed, consider getting assistance from a marketing firm that has experience with both visual branding and website design.

No Connection to Patients

Failing to foster any kind of a connection with your patients is another factor that can negatively impact your overall bottom line. All patients want to have doctors who are able to be personable and empathetic towards them. The best way to achieve this is to create short video segments to allow them to discuss their backgrounds and philosophy involving care. The most important thing is to ensure that your physicians are presented as being as authentic as possible.

Confusing Navigation

Confusing website navigation can also hurt your overall bottom line as well. All patients will take the time to scan your website in order to find whatever it is that they may be searching for; however, they will end up quickly moving on if they aren’t able to find it. It’s extremely important that you take the time for yourself to navigate through your website and make sure that all of the most important information is displayed as prominently as possible.

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