Dermatology credentialing – Healthcare itself is something that continues to be a hot topic all across the United States. For instance, some states have opted to expand Medicaid Program, while others are taking steps to provide residents with more affordable healthcare options.

Aside from the more political aspects, there are various trends that physicians should always keep an eye out for throughout the year 2020.

Here are three trends in healthcare that will impact physicians as the year goes on.


One of the most important trends is consolidation, which sees small hospitals being acquired by larger healthcare systems, as well as private practices selling ownership to hospitals or other larger-sized practices. This is generally done as a way to help re-focus energies on caring for patients. Oftentimes, these moves are seen as indicating better care for affordable prices; however, it is also sometimes seen as a form of monopoly with industry giants seeking to claim the largest overall share.


Transparency is another important trend that will impact physicians. With consumers always searching for care online and basing all of their choices on reviews, care availability, and transparently published pricing, the end result is generally an increased amount of reliance on urgent care providers and retail clinics that give larger-sized practices a run for their money.

Staffing Shortages

Another trend that physicians need to watch for is staffing shortages. This is because doctors and nurses are retiring at a rate that’s faster now than they are being replaced, which is causing a staffing shortage across the entire board. Additionally, technology-based services that are able to connect both physicians and nurses to more temporary, as-needed positions result in many candidates doing away with a more normal practice in favor of more freelance work.

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