Now is the time of year when people begin to plan ways to help make the new year the best one ever. This means that you will want to likely work on the area of billing and collections with your practice, which will help to ensure that your practice will be among the most improved in your general area.

Here are three useful tips to help with boosting billing and collections with your practice.

Communicate with patients

First and foremost, always make sure that you speak with all of your patients in the most effective manner possible. You will also need to make sure that each member of your staff knows how to communicate with patients regarding their bills as well. Keep in mind that you should also never ask patients about exactly when they want to pay their bill, whether it’s at that moment or at another time. You should instead offer two different options for paying, typically by either credit card or check.

Verify Insurance

Verifying insurance is also important to do as well, as well as confirming the contact information of your patients. Additionally, no matter how you send bills, you should always avoid sending statements to the wrong address. Instead, make sure that you always have a follow-up in the event that patients end up not paying, as this will help to avoid payment delays.

Follow up on claims

Always take the time to stay on top of all claims. This is perhaps one of the most important things that you can do in order to help with improving your bottom line. Always make sure that you file claims on time, as well as have a routine system designed to help with checking open claims. Furthermore, be sure that you take the time to file amended claims when it’s necessary to do so and make sure that you never miss any resubmission deadlines.

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