Recent studies have shown that there are a large number of healthcare startups that have began to overtake the entire spectrum across health, fitness, and medical industries alike. There are also few who have been able to secure funding in order to help market and create all of their products; however, some continue to look for funding in order to help them get by their initial traction period.

Here are three of the top healthcare funding sources for mobile healthcare startups.

Welltech Funding

Welltech Funding is an accelerator and seed fund that targets startups and healthcare companies that choose to utilize technology to create new consumer-facing wellness and health solutions. Some of the benefits include a minimum $50,000 investment with six months in incubation period. Additionally, they also offer a collaborative office space that is located in Manhattan.

Rock Health

Rock Health is an accelerator that is based out of San Francisco, California and helps to provide early stage startups with healthcare support and funding. The Rock health Fund offers up to a $250,000 investment, not counting $35,000 worth of discounts, services, and more from SalesForce, Apple, and other companies.

Blueprint Health

Blueprint Health is located in New York City and offer a program that is three months in length. This program includes access to mentors, clients, and capital, and you can also receive a total of $20,000 in cash, as well as over $70,000 in perks. Additionally, you will also be able to take advantage of an amazing office space, as well as a very dedicated community whose only goal is to ensure your overall success.

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